New York Fashion Week style for pregnancy

hounds tooth wrap

Over the course of the New York fashion week, there seemed to be one particular print that made an consistent appearance though many of the collections, including the DYNK and chloe shows, yes, trailing on from where it left us… Continue Reading

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The classic maternity wrap dress.


From time to time there is a piece so perfect that it just works. Soon after the breakdown of her marriage to Prince von Furstenberg, Diane von Furstenberg did just that. The wrap dress, the dress that made her a… Continue Reading

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Pregnant, Yes. But we want stylish maternity clothing!

stylish preg

As a mama that likes to try and look her best, I can only describe the range for mamas to be as limited. During my first pregnancy I went in to one of the high street shops and enquired about… Continue Reading

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New in A/W 2014 maternity style

topshop cardi

The big girl is back at school today, if ever there was a sign that summer is over this is it. With all the getting ready for the new term i have not really noticed the chill in the morning… Continue Reading

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More Boden style.

boden blue dress

          Hello mummies, Still loving this summer sun, and having a lovely time having both my tots with me at home. This is Lucy’s 1st school holiday, and I think she is loving the break, although… Continue Reading

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Getting ready for the “mummy olympics”


So ok this isn’t an actual olympic sport, however I found that even though I come from a financial sales background, this, the mummy olympics IS the most competitive arena I have ever entered. I would like to take credit,… Continue Reading

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Styling your nursery


Hi mamas to be. So this is not really a style blog post about my regular passion, clothing, but it is of interest to styling maternity. The nursery design is high on the list of things to do prior to… Continue Reading

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Dry skin in pregnancy.


We all know that the changes in our hormones are causing the tiredness and food aversions to list a few. But those pesky hormones are also robbing our skin of oils during pregnancy and causing dry skin. We here at… Continue Reading

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Pregnancy style on a budget


Being pregnant in this age does not mean you have to go in to a black hole of frumpy, badly fitting clothing for the next year, I am going to include nursing clothing in this section as this can also… Continue Reading

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Flash sale


Just a quick note from me mamas to let you all in on the news from La redoute. They are holding a Flash sale, there are some amazing maternity bargains to be had. Check out this gorgeous, perfect for the… Continue Reading

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